Tribute Puppies



paws4people is thrilled to welcome KELAHAN to the family, our newest Assistance Dog in training. KELAHAN is a Tribute Puppy named in honor of Renee Kelahan. Renee has served as the Loudoun Country Day School Lead Librarian since 2009. In her time at LCDS Renee has spent 5+ years hosting the pennies4paws annual fundraiser to collect donations on behalf of paws4vets. In 2015 LCDS was able to name a puppy, SHILOH (FD-CRD) and this year, Renee along with the rest of the LCDS community, and a very generous family were able to raise enough money to become a Top Dog Sponsor.

KELAHAN will carry on the legacy of Renee and all of the kindness she has shared with paws4people, LCDS, and the rest of her community.

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