Tribute Puppies



Professional educators for over 40 years, George and Mary Ann Millush focused their careers on transforming the lives of the thousands upon thousands of students who crossed their paths in school. Born with a condition that could have prevented him from ever walking and having spent most of the first 5 years of his life in a hospital, George knew too well what living with and overcoming a disability meant. It shaped his life, his perspective on education, and his relationship with students and the community. George and Mary Ann spent their lives committed to finding ways to change the future for every student with a disability. To honor the memory of George and Mary Ann, their children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren requested that a sweet little black lab be named GEORGEANN. In the near future, GEORGEANN will pick a client and help that client to transform the future in ways we can only imagine.

GEORGEANN is a Diabetic Alert Dog for paws4people Client, Hailey Eason

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