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SSG Brandon Thoma, USA (ret.)

Brandon spent 7 years active duty Army. On deployment to Afghanistan in 2017, his unit experienced multiple firefights, close enemy combatants, and was injured. These events, along with the loss of friends in combat, led to Brandon being diagnosed with PTSD, and TBI. He notes that every day life is a struggle, and has no desire to leave home. He feels detached from friends and family, is hypervigilant, and lacks focus. He misses the happy and comfortable life he once had, and hopes that having an Assistance Dog will give him that level of confidence and trust to once again lead a full life. 

Brandon met YUKON in March 2020. YUKON is a Golden Retriever with a fun and playful nature who looks forward to getting Brandon out of the house! On a daily basis, he will help by anchoring to Brandon’s anxiety and paying attention in crowded places. This will help Brandon get out of the house and back to a comfortable routine, knowing that YUKON is watching his back. He will also help by bracing when Brandon stands up from a sitting position, as his TBI causes him to get dizzy when he moves too quickly. We are proud to have Brandon and YUKON as part of our paws4people family, and cannot wait to see the work these two will do! 


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