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Adam Snow, USMC Veteran

Adam requested an Assistance Dog to aid with his PTS symptoms. In Afghanistan in 2010 he was hit by an IED and he suffered a TBI as well as minor physical injuries. He returned from deployment and found that he is constantly on guard, easily agitated and has a very short temper.

He wants to be a better man for his wife and children. It's hard to be that man when he has so much flashing through his head. Adam is also a firefighter and he feels like this is his calling in life, other than being a Marine. He loves his job but the stress of that job tends to heighten his PTS. He feels as though having an Assistance Dog will help him to better cope with his job.

In December 2019, Adam met his new battle buddy, ROCKY. This team will do amazing things together! ROCKY will interrupt negative behaviors that Adam is displaying by alerting him. ROCKY will also interrupt Adam's nightmares and assist with his anxiety and hypervigilance by anchoring on him in his time of need.

ROCKY is a Tribute Puppy named and sponsored by the NJ Wall PBA Local 234 in Honor of WWII Major Harry Rockafellar "Rocky".

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