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In Training Team Since: 2020

Yvonne Macdowell

Yvonne was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis 30 years ago, but has noticed a decline in her abilities over the last few years. Due to balance issues, and steadiness, she must constantly focus on where she steps and how, to avoid falling. She always holds onto hand rails, and constantly worries about new surroundings and if they will be easily accessible for her. This has caused her to lose self-confidence, and retreat from activities she normally would have participated in and enjoyed. Yvonne believes having an Assistance Dog will give her a sense of security and companionship she was missing, and allow her to regain her freedom. 


Yvonne met LINDEN, a sweet and gentle Golden Retriever, in July 2020. One look at these two together, and we knew they were an instant match! LINDEN will help Yvonne regain her life by bracing for her on uneven terrain. He will also be able to hold and carry small items, freeing her hands to use hand rails when they are available. While at home, LINDEN will be able to alert someone at home that Yvonne needs medical attention when she falls, as well. 


We are thrilled to have Yvonne and LINDEN as part of our paws4people family! 


PIF 1 measures funds and "non-cash" credit from Direct Client's or Handler's direct efforts up to the $10,000 PIF 1 Goal.




PIF 2 measures funds and "non-cash" credit from a Direct Client or Handler, which does not result from a Direct Client's or Direct Handler's direct efforts. Once a Direct Client or Handler reaches the $10,000 PIF 1 Goal, then ALL funds and "non-cash" credit are applied PIF 2.




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