Honor Puppies



11 OCT 2015 - Our next Tribute Puppy will be named MELIA, in memory of Timothy Patrick Melia. Tim joined the Marines after graduating high school and was deployed to Iraq twice where he served loyally and became an integral part of his unit. A former Marine stated at his funeral service: "Marines make civilians feel safe, but Tim Made Marines feel safe." 
Tim then joined the ranks of the NYC Fire Dept. where he served for 8 years in one of the busiest fire activity areas in the city. Assigned to Engine Co. 332 in E. NY section of Brooklyn, Tim became a respected firefighter. Timothy was most proud of his accomplishments at home, starting with a family with his beloved wife Lisa, they brought 4 beautiful children into this world and he was the happiest he had ever been. Tim was lost in a tragic car accident on May 28, 2015. We are honored to dedicate the future service of MELIA to the memory of Timothy, a true American hero.

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