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Dorsey Lee and Rosemary ("Rosie") Black were high school sweethearts who lived a life of service to their country. After graduating high school in West Virginia, Dorsey enlisted in the U.S. Navy and the couple relocated to Washington, D.C. where they were married. During this time, Dorsey began his upward trajectory in the Navy and Rosie went to work for the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation. Once Rosie gave birth to their daughter, Bunny, the trio began the life of a naval family living in Puerto Rico, Virginia, and Naples, Italy, between Dorsey's numerous stints of sea duty. Dorsey would achieve the status of Senior Chief (BMCS) and has the admirable distinction of having served in 3 wars: World War II, Korea, and Vietnam. After serving 30 years on active duty, Dorsey retired from the Navy and he and Rosie continued a nomadic lifestyle living in Florida, South Carolina, and North Carolina. They were very active in their communities, both in small business and through membership in Shriners International. Because of their service to the U.S. Navy they are honorably interred together at Arlington National Cemetery. In memory of Dorsey and Rosie, their family has requested that 2 puppies be named in their honor. For their clients these dogs will surely imbibe the spirit of generosity, strength, and service of the true patriots for who they are named.

DORSEY is an Assistance Dog for paws4people Client, Jeremy Buchholz.

ROSIE is an Assistance Dog for paws4vets Client, Briana Henry, USMC Veteran.

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