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Team since: 2012
Retired: 2020

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Natalie Kiddie

Natalie Kiddie has her masters in Clinical-Counseling Psychology from Radford University. She has worked with veterans, inmates, and children for most of her professional career and is a provisional assistance dog trainer/public access handler. Natalie joined paws4people in 2011 while obtaining her undergraduate degree in psychology. During her time with the organization she has served on the pMET team, has provided guidance on ADA law and regulations surrounding service dogs, and has attended several Bumps and intervention transfer trainings/seminars. She was eventually paired with DOLCE, a psychiatric rehabilitative service dog. DOLCE is a shelter dog. She received her training at Fort Benning, Georgia, USP Hazleton and Lakin Correctional Center in West Virginia.

DOLCE and Natalie began working together in December 2012 and successfully passed their certification in October 2013 at the Wilmington PAT and Reunion. For approximately 15 months DOLCE and Natalie worked as an Animal Assisted Therapy team at a residential inpatient facility for children. DOLCE had the opportunity to use her skills as a facility dog and her own rescue story. DOLCE assisted to mitigate symptoms of mental health, provide a surrogate for touch and unconditional positive regard, demonstrate healthy communication skills, and assist with strengthening the therapeutic rapport between staff and residents. Together they had over 800 direct contact hours with more the 95 individuals.

Over the past few years, as they progressed as a handler-team DOLCE began to start providing medical response and even medical alert- tasks that she was never formally trained to do. When Natalie observes DOLCE performing these duties she provides reinforcement to help foster and facilitate these new skills.


PIF 1 measures funds and "non-cash" credit from Direct Client's or Handler's direct efforts up to the $10,000 PIF 1 Goal.




PIF 2 measures funds and "non-cash" credit from a Direct Client or Handler, which does not result from a Direct Client's or Direct Handler's direct efforts. Once a Direct Client or Handler reaches the $10,000 PIF 1 Goal, then ALL funds and "non-cash" credit are applied PIF 2.




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