Facility Dog Teams


Dog Name: BOSH

Certification: FD-PFD

Team Since: 2019

Katie Monday , MA, LCAS-A, LCMHC-A

Katie is a graduate of UNCW who has completed the Service Dog Training Program, as well as the Puppy Development Internship. These experiences inspired her to begin a career in the helping field. She also received a master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and Addictions Therapy certificate at Appalachian State University. Katie works in a private counseling setting in Boone, NC. She works with a variety of populations including adults, adolescents, and families. Working within the addictions therapy field and mental health field BOSH is able to provide Katie’s clients with non-judgmental acceptance. BOSH is not only a comfort to clients, but he helps them open up and share their stories.

Katie and BOSH provide clients with the opportunity to use the human-animal bond as a modality for healing. Through animal assisted interventions and animal assisted therapy BOSH and Katie offer clients hope, support, change, and acceptance.


PIF 1 measures funds and "non-cash" credit from Direct Client's or Handler's direct efforts up to the $10,000 PIF 1 Goal.




PIF 2 measures funds and "non-cash" credit from a Direct Client or Handler, which does not result from a Direct Client's or Direct Handler's direct efforts. Once a Direct Client or Handler reaches the $10,000 PIF 1 Goal, then ALL funds and "non-cash" credit are applied PIF 2.




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