HEATH & Madison Kiser
Status: Retired


My name is Madison Kiser. I am a 2015 graduate of UNCW, where I majored in Recreation Therapy. I entered into the UNCW Assistance Dog Training Program in August of 2012, and successfully completed and trained a service dog named DARBY. I wanted to continue to help and volunteer with this organization after I graduated. I currently reside in Jamestown, North Carolina. Until I can move back to Wilmington, I decided to contact paws4people about helping with their Breeding Ambassador Program. HEATH came to live with me in Jamestown in March 2016. Initially, I was worried because HEATH was very shy and skittish when I brought him home. That lasted all of about three hours, because with unrelenting persistence, my Golden Retriever Kai, drug HEATH out of his shell and had him playing with her toys, and romping around the yard with her. HEATH’s confidence has continued to grow since then, to where he now loves going to visit people and places. His favorite past times include playing with his best dog friend Kai, snoozing on his favorite spot on the couch, being pet and having his ears scratched as much as possible, and loving on my young nephew who is almost 8 months old. I am so thankful to be a part of this program and helping this organization!

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