DARIEN & Harry Martens
Status: Retired


My name is DARIEN, and somehow my Dad, Harry Martens, wangled his way into my picture. Pretty inconsiderate of him, I’d say!

I’m a Breeder dog and Dad’s Ambassador dog. That means I get to go with him to events and demonstrate all my skills and how my fellow paws4people and paws4vets Assistance Dogs help veterans, children and others who need us. I’ll also get to have three litters of puppies, all of which will become paws4people Assistance dogs. When Dad and I go to the store together, lots of people ask about me (and I stand a little prouder when I know people are looking at me), and Dad just goes on and on about what I can do and how my brothers and sisters help people.

Dad takes me everywhere with him to keep my skills sharp. As soon as my Mom gets her certification, she is going to take me to classes of kids with developmental disabilities and let them read to me. I think I can convince her to let me go to some nursing homes and hospice centers to help the wonderful people there. I love to snuggle with people and show them how I can reduce all the stress in their lives. There doesn’t seem to be anything that the unconditional love I give can’t help with.

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