CONNELL & Shanna Horton Grable
Status: Active


My name is Shanna Horton Grable and I fell in love with paws4people in 2016. I had to get involved! I started volunteering at the Puppy Development Center, became a member of “Team Puppy” and find myself spreading the word to everyone I meet!

An owner of the sweetest golden retriever, Brody, it only felt natural to inquire about a Breeder Ambassador dog. Along came CONNELL. A very handsome yellow lab that gets all the women with his droopy eyes, he joined my family in May of 2017 and things have never been the same!

CONNELL enjoys boat rides, swimming, chasing the ball with his show-dog trot, aggravating his brother, and playing hide and seek with his human sister, Savannah. He is the best dog brother and they are inseparable! 

He has sired four litters so far and it’s the best feeling to know that his puppies are going to forever change someone’s life! I am the lucky one to have him.

CONNELL is an Honor Puppy named in honor of John McConnell, U.S Army Veteran & First Responder.

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