CINDER & Kinsley Sigmund
Status: Active


My name is Kinsley Sigmund and I am proud to be a mama to one of paws4people’s Breeder Ambassadors, CINDER! I met CINDER as a puppy in the fall of 2018 and had no idea our separate journeys would bring us where we are today. The famous Disney litter was the first litter of paws4people puppies I met. I learned about paws4people through many friends and after meeting the puppies on multiple puppy outings, I decided to get involved myself and start volunteering. 


I spent many semesters volunteering at the PDC and as a Puppy Host Family. I’ve been blessed to watch these amazing dogs transform the lives of many of my friends and heard miraculous stories of the client teams. Once I heard about the Breeder Ambassador Program, I knew I wanted to join. 


CINDER’s primary job is to be a mama for her beautiful puppies that will go on to be paws4people service dogs. Her side job is being my very best friend. CINDER carries a goofy sense of humor with her and brings love and smiles to everyone she comes in contact with. Her favorite pass times include playing fetch, exploring the great outdoors, and cuddling on the couch. 


It is such a joy to know that this dog who brings me nothing but happiness and comfort will be able to transform the lives of so many others through the gift of her children. 

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