Assistance Dogs transforming lives


Our Assistance Dogs Transform Lives

The title of “man’s best friend” takes on a whole new meaning at paws4people. From physical rehabilitative regiments, to emotional healing and support, we specially train dogs to keep their humans moving in a positive direction. After all, rediscovering your independence is much more satisfying with a friend by your side.

It’s not exactly common knowledge that assistance dogs can help with a number of conditions and circumstances, but over the last two decades, we’ve successfully taught our clients to navigate physical, emotional, neurological and psychiatric disabilities with a canine companion. Our staff members have placed assistance dogs across the country to lend a helping paw where it’s needed most, and the program continues to grow as we educate others about the power of proper training and positivity. Let paws4people show you how to find your new leash on life, and gain a new best friend along the way.

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